Ninjaman talks careless like Donald Trump.

Ninjaman and Donald Trump
Ninjaman and Donald Trump

Apart from Usain Bolt and Vybz Kartel, Ninjaman is quite possibly the most popular personality in Jamaica, even more so than the Prime Minister, Andrew Holness. So when Ninjaman says something his words carry a lot of weight.

It was therefore very disappointing to hear Ninjaman attempting to link the drastic increase in the killing of females and children in Jamaica to the Haitians without any kind of proof or evidence. That behavior from someone with such a powerful voice in the country is careless at the least and downright stupid at the worst.

Ninja himself says he is not sure if the accusations are true. Well, if you are not sure, why put the word out there? Let everyone be vigilant against everyone until these criminals can be brought to justice. The last thing we need is for people to start focusing on Haitians if these atrocious activities are being carried out by Jamaicans.

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Ninjaman is putting ever Haitian in Jamaica lives in danger and he is doing so without a shred of evidence that these Haitians have done anything. This is no different than Donald Trump calling for a ban on all Muslims entering the United States. The only difference is that Ninajman is an intelligent, eloquent and articulate person; so much more is expected from him than what is expected from a dimwit nincompoop like Donald Trump.

On the other hand, Ninjaman deserves a lot of credit as he was decked out in Black to show solidarity for the stop the violence against women and children movement. A lot of people miss the point of the movement and were arguing that women and children are not the only ones facing violent. A University professor even went as far as to ask, “why not wear white?” That is a typical behavior for a lot of us Jamaicans and Blacks in general, however. When it is time to stand up for something, we find convenient excuses to sit down, especially if we are not the ones who started that something.

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