Did Vybz Kartel snitch on Alakaline?

Dancehall top flight artist, Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley is wanted by the police and this has Vendetta fans running nervous. The police released information that Alkaline was wanted for murder in relation to a murder case but not much more details were given.

Expectedly fans of Alkaline and even his haters are wondering what the DJ has to do with the case. Is he a witness who was present? Is he a part of it all. Is he the trigger man or hired the trigger man? Does he have something to do with the weapon that committed the murder?

The last question about providing the weapon and a timeline of event is something very interesting to ponder.

Alkaline is wanted for questioning in relation to the murder of Rohan Morris which occurred on January 13. Just a week after Morris’ murder, Vybz Kartel released a dis song called Closed Casket which took aim at Alkaline. In the song the world boss sings the following lyrics:

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Get a likkle hype, mek a likkle food
Buy a couple tool, gi’ to couple fool

At first glance, those are just the kind of lyrics that dancehall artists pelt at each other on a regular basis. Most people would not hear those lyrics and assume that Alkaline is supplying young men in his circle with guns. Fast forward less than 3 weeks after the song is released, however, and Alkaline is wanted for question in relation to the Morris murder case which occurred a week before Vybz Kartel released the Alkaline dis song.

Could it be that Jamaican police are now listening to lyrics from dancehall artists to see if they can get any clues to what is taking place in the streets? We know that Jamaica has regularly sought outside assistance in their crime fighting techniques. If this is a new technique for them, they might have gotten the idea from New York and Los Angeles Police Departments where detectives have been known to listen to the lyrics of rappers to get an edge in crime fighting.

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Back in the days when Mavado and Vybz Kartel were in their lyrical feud, the gully god often accused the world boss of being an informer.
Alkaline must turn himself in by 5PM today or a warrant could be issued for his arrest. Stay tuned to 18 Karat Reggae for more on this story.



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