The truth about Haiti.

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By: Sandi Buck

Haiti defeated France in battle to become the first black nation free from slavery in the western hemisphere.

The defeat (and the loss of the production and trade of Haiti) left France financially depleted and caused it to sell the Louisiana Territory to the USA. That acquisition essentially unified the north and south, essentially unifying the US from sea to sea and creating the US nation.
Once a free nation, Haiti extended freedom and citizenship to any black enslaved men and women who could reach its shore.

Haiti was required to pay reparations to French plantation/ slave holder for the ‘loss of their property’ under threat of an embargo, becoming the only nation that paid reparations for slavery. Of course with typical white treachery, they embargoed the nation anyway, as the thought of a free black nation in the midst of slaveholding ones terrified them.

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Vodou (bastardized and denigrated in western lore, as voodoo) was an amalgamation of spiritual and cultural practices, that was the means of unifying the different African tribes into a military that defeated one of the white world’s greatest military powers, France.

So, of course it has been portrayed as ignorant superstition, a caricature of shambling brain eating zombies, much like its white inventors.

The enduring poverty and wretchedness of Haiti is not accidental. Much like the African continent itself; Its poverty is reinforced by western malfeasance and the assassination of any progress leaders
The installment of black corrupt puppets usually follows. The shame is that they can find so many willing corrupt puppets 

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