Buju Banton does not approve of D’Angel dating Markus Myrie.

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Markus Myrie and D'Angel
Markus Myrie and D'Angel

Dancehall diva D’Angel and Markus Myrie are supposedly in a romantic relationship of which Buju Banton does not approve of. According to word on this street, this relationship played a role in the conflict between Buju and Markus.

A story that has gone viral on social media claims that Buju Banton approached Markus and told him that not only was D’Angel too old for him but she has already been romantic with other men in the dancehall fraternity. It is a well-known fact that D’Angel was Bounty Killer’s girlfriend before she moved on and marry Beenie Man. She and Beenie Man has a song together.

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Apparently Buju Banton felt like his son could do better than D’Angel.

Markus was not too happy with Buju Banton’s advice and that created tension between the two.

“Markus felt like he is a grown man and Buju had no right telling him who to date. After all, Buju has been with many women and fathered 17 children with them,” according to a voice note floating around on Instagram.

The rumors of D’Angel being in a relationship started way back in 2012 when Buju Banton was still in prison. At the time Markus vehemently denied that the two were romantically involved but D’Angel neither denied or confirmed the allegation.

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