Jamaica is aiming to have a bigger and better carnival than Trinidad ever had.

Jamaica Carnival
Jamaica Carnival

There is no better place to be this weekend than on the sunny island of Jamaica; at least that is what the organizers of the Jamaican carnival are saying. Not only has the Jamaican carnival gotten better every year but now the organizers are aiming for it to be the best in the entire Caribbean.

With all the hoopla around the fact that Buju Banton drew a bigger crowd in Trinidad then he did in Jamaica, Jamaicans are feeling like they need to even the score. What better way to do that than to prove that they can do Soca and carnival better than the Trinidadians.

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Jamaica’s carnival director, Andrew Bellamy, believes that that this is the year when Jamaicans will prove that the Jamaican carnival is not only one of the best in the region but in the entire world.

“It will be the most epic celebration one can be a part of, but most importantly, Road March guarantees to be the best day ever,” Bellamy said.

Trinidad has been doing carnival for years but when Jamaicans make up their minds to do something they usually succeed.

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Whether they can live up to bypassing Trinidad in carnival, the world will find out this weekend.



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