Jamaicans can be very ignorant and very judgmental, according to Jodi Jinx.

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Jodi Jinx
Jodi Jinx

Jodi Jinx could not let the Jamaican Carnival pass without her going out and enjoying the festivities. Her only issue was that she is pregnant and showing and some Jamaicans can be “very ignorant and very judgmental” so she did have some concerns about getting negative feedback from participating in the fun.

In an interview with the Jamaican Star, Jinx, who is the wife of dancehall superstar, Sean King, explained how she drum up the courage to do what she pleases despite what people might say.

“I did have some reservations about coming on the road because I know some people can be very ignorant and very judgmental. Somebody already asked me to make sure I don’t get the baby sick, which is absolutely impossible,” Jinx told the Jamaican Star. “I have to be careful and I’m aware of that. I’m coming off the road early this year, and if things get too hectic, I can always go on the trucks,” she said.

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A few years ago, Jodi Jinx angered a lot of Jamaicans when she said that Usain Bolt should go back where he came from after the sprint king moved to a very affluent neighborhood in Jamaica. Classism is rife in Jamaica where the more well-to-do people live “uptown” while the poorer class lives “downtown”. When downtown people achieve financial success they often try to move uptown but they are not always welcomed.

After the Usain Bolt fiasco, Jodi Jinx apologized and everything was put to rest but that incident is proof that she knows what she is talking about when she says “some people can be very ignorant and very judgmental.”

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