Buju Banton gets ready to rock Barbados and Africans call out hypocrisy.

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Buju Banton
Buju Banton

Since his released from an American prison, Buju Banton has been entertaining the masses throughout the Caribbean. From Jamaica, the Bahamas, Trinidad and now Barbados, the Rasta singer has been performing to sold-out crowds while boosting the host countries economy.

While Africans are celebrating Buju’s success they are also calling out the huge hypocrisy they see with not only Buju Banton but reggae artistes in general who love to sing about Africa but hate to visit the continent. In an African chat room, users point out the fact that Buju will be performing in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, France and Belgium but not a single African county is on his tour ternary so far.

“I am not surprise that Buju Banton has no plans to come to Africa this year,” said one user. “I live in South Africa where apartheid ended 25 years ago but reggae artistes would rather got to Israel where apartheid is still ongoing than to come here.”

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South African promoter, Mandla Maseko, says he has been trying to get a date for Buju Banton to come to Africa even before he was released from prison but was given the run around by Banton’s camp.

“We have been trying to book Buju Banton since August of 2018 but they claim he was booked out. I think they underestimate the turnout he would get here where he is really loved,” Maseko said.

18 Karat Reggae also reached out to Buju Banton’s camp to find out if the artiste would be performing in Africa anytime soon. We were told that why Africa on Buju Banton’s busy 2019 schedule, 2020 is a real possibility.

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Buju Banton is currently in Barbados for the fourth leg of his Long Walk to Freedom tour where he will be performing at Kensington Oval in Bridgetown tonight.

After Barbados, Buju will move on to Suriname on May 4, Grenada on May 11, Tortola in the British Virgin Islands on June 15, and St Kitts on June 29.

He will then leave the Caribbean move to a host of countries in Europe including Summer Jam in Germany.



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  1. Is Africa ready for Buju…. While various countries are in need of help, millions of $$ are given to France, chiefhood given to Chinese bisiness man. Yes, the peop NEED to hear his lyrics… SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST👍Imagine the energy he is bringing from all of us in the diaspora.. Hang in there

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