Rumble Sound Clash Series Erupts in Japan and the U.S. with New Winners Rodem Cyclone and Stereo 5.

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Rumble Sound Clash
Rumble Sound Clash

Renowned promoters Irish and Chin have presented Jamaica’s indigenous art form of sound clash to the world for more than 20 years. Much to Irish and Chin’s credit, their popular Rumble sound clash series simultaneously erupted in different parts of the world on Saturday, June 29, yielding Rodem Cyclone as Japan Rumble champion and Stereo 5 as U.S. Rumble champion.

Before a sold-out crowd in Yokohama, Japan’s Bayhall, some of the country’s most talented sounds competed in the well orchestrated Japan Rumble, emblazoned with musical fury and crowd control! Sounds like Emperor, Hemp Zion, Rispec Jam, Superior Sound and Rodem Cyclone aimed to dethrone the respected, defending champion Jah Works.

After rounds of elimination, it was Jah Works and Rodem Cyclone that made it to the final stretch. Bringing an arsenal of seamlessly curated dub plates to the stage, Jah Works and Rodem Cyclone made Japan Rumble’s climactic “Rapid Fire” aka “Tune-fi-Tune” one for the books! As fate has it, Rodem Cyclone defeated Jah Works, seizing the coveted Japan Rumble championship title!

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Meanwhile, across the globe, hardcore clash fans cheered for their fav homegrown sounds at Garage in Bronx, NY. Sound killers on the heated U.S. Rumble line up included Culture Blend, Super Force, Stereo 5, Snow White and Jah Mikey One.

Although Super Force lived up to their powerful name and reputation through out the clash, it was “Bronx Bomber” Stereo 5 positioned in certified “warrrr” mode, slinging impactful dub plates with no mercy during a final “Rapid Fire” showdown. Due to an impressive clash showing, Stereo 5 earned the “U.S. Rumble” championship title.

Established more than four years ago, Irish and Chin’s Rumble Series has provided a viable platform for dozens of sounds. Held in several countries each year, the 2019 Rumble season kicked off in clash hot spot Toronto, Canada at the top of June, seeing the fearless Klymaxx as the new Canada Rumble champion!

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” I am proud of the Rumble Series,” says Chin. “Even when sound clash can present itself as a tough sell at times…that doesn’t negate the exposure for competing sounds and the excitement for the musical sport we can’t get enough of.”

Two clashes in different parts of the world on the same night is a first for Irish and Chin. In fact, it’s a first for any sound clash promoter that we are aware of. The awesome feat is a true testament to the global impact of sound clash and Irish and Chin alike.

Promoted in conjunction with Reggae Girls/Authentic Reggae Music, U.K. Rumble wrapped the series summer line up on July 6. Notably, winners of the Rumble Series will head to the famed World Clash (the Superbowl of sound clash), where they will vie for clout, fame and a reputable position in the industry.



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