If you are Black and have friends who wear “Make America great again” clothing, you are a sellout.

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Make America great again
Make America great again

There is a 21st century Adolph Hitler in the white house. When he talks, his mouth is shaped like a butthole and feces pour out of it. The sad and disgraceful thing is; many “Americans” support this modern day Hitler.

While many of those who support the new Hitler keep their belief private, many are not ashamed to publicly display their blatant embracing of deep rooted hatred along racial lines. You can usually identify some supporters of the modern day Hitler by their red hats with the phrase “Make America great again” in white lettering. If you are Black or Brown and are friends with someone who wear these hats, then you are a sellout to your race.

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Every Black person should immediately end the friendship with anyone who supports this modern day Hitler in the white house. Not only should Black not be friends with these people but they should be seen as what they are, enemies of all Black and Brown people.

Blacks in the United States military also need to get together and put plans in place to counter any plans by the modern day Hitler to launch an attack on Black and Brown communities. The naïve might say that American soldiers will never be ordered to attack other Americans based on the color of their skin, however, in 2016; no one knew that we would see the modern day Hitler telling Black and Brown members of congress to “go back where they came from.

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America is at the point where sides must be chosen, there is no middle ground. There is love and there is hate. Those who support the modern day Adolph Hitler are on the side of hate. Those who are on the side of love must distant themselves from the haters.



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