Black Lives Matter has become a movement of good versus evil.

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Black Lives Matter protestor shot and killed
Black Lives Matter protestor shot and killed

The Black Lives matter movement is not just about Black people fighting for their human rights and justice. The movement has morphed into one of good people fighting against the forces of evil.

Unfortunately there are millions of people in the United States who are on the side of evil. These people are not even satisfied with the status quo but would love to see the country go back to the Jim Crow era, not only in the South but nationwide.

Fortunately there are also millions on the side of good and these people are made up of all races, religions, sexual orientation and status.

Nowhere was the current fight of good versus evil more evident than on Saturday night in Austin, Texas when Garrett Foster, A 28-year-old while male on the side of good was shot to death by another man on the side of evil.

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Foster was shot when he tried to prevent another man from driving a vehicle through a crowd of peaceful protestors. Police nearby tried to resuscitate him but he died at the hospital.

“I saw his face. I don’t know how far away I was from Garrett. It felt like I was right there. He was just trying to hold on to his life,” organizer and witness James Sasinowski said

As demonstrators held a vigil near the shooting scene and began raising funds for Foster’s fiancée, a quadruple amputee who also was at the protest, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley gave an update on the investigation.

He said that as the car in question tried to make a turn through the crowd, protesters began hitting the vehicle—and Foster, carrying an AK-47-style rifle, walked up to the driver’s side.

“His account is that Mr. Foster pointed the weapon directly at him and he fired his weapon at Mr. Foster,” Manley said, though he noted that police had been given varying versions of what happened.
As the driver sped off, another person in the crowd pulled out a pistol and opened fire at the vehicle, Manley said.

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The motorist pulled over a short distance away and said he had been involved in a shooting, and officers took him and the second gunman in for questioning.

Police are consulting with prosecutors about possible charges and are appealing for more witnesses to come forward with their account or with video of the confrontation. An autopsy for Foster is scheduled for Monday.

“We are heartbroken by the loss of Mr. Foster last night,” Manley said. “It is actively being investigated.”



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