Dr. Dre could be moving back to Compton.

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Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young
Dr. Dre and wife Nicole Young

Dr. Dre is a perfect example of what the American dream is made of. The rapper / producer rose from the ghettos of Compton to become the first billionaire rapper. However, if his wife has her way, Dre could find himself back in Compton in a few years.

Not only his the rapper’s estranged wife seeking half of his current $800 million wealth but while that gets sorted out, she is asking for $2 million a month in spousal support.

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Why could she possibly need so much money for support? Well, below is the breakout she gave to the judge:

– Laundry and cleaning: $10,000 a month

– Clothes: $135,000 a month

– Education (tuition and living expenses): $60,000 a month

– Entertainment: $900,000 a month

– Charitable contributions: $125,000 a month

– Mortgage: $100,000 a month

– Telephone, cell phone, e-mail: $20,000 a month

Yes, that figure for entertainment is correct. That number will more than triple once there is vaccine for the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the world is back to normal.

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