South Carolina Woman caught having sex with a dog.

South Carolina woman charged for having sex with dog
South Carolina woman charged for having sex with dog

If you thought it was only Florida where women were getting sexual pleasure from dogs, think again. It seems like the the sickening practice has now spread to South Carolina.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller said a Chesnee woman was arrested after deputies determined she had shared videos of herself performing sexual acts with a dog.

Mueller said deputies began investigating after receiving a call from the North Charleston Police Department on March 11. Officers from that municipality said they had been contacted by a person who was being sent the videos, which involved a dachshund.

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Deputies were able to determine that the incidents depicted in the videos occurred in Cherokee County and secured a warrant charging 23-year-old Hanna Marie Haynes of Montgomery Road with buggery on Wednesday. Buggery is the act of anal sex.

Haynes was arrested on Thursday and later released on a $5,000 surety bond.



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