Instagram’s algorithm is extremely racist.

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Instagram algorithm is racist against Brown and Black people
Instagram algorithm is racist against Brown and Black people

It turns out that the algorithm that Instagram uses to flag videos as “sensitive or violent content” might be more racist than the KKK.

To the Instagram algorithm, a group of Middle Eastern men dancing together and having fun are nothing but potential suicide bombers. This was proven just this week when a video was posted on the platform of a group of men dancing and having fun to the Rasta Progrez’ feel good song “One Day”. The innocent and fun video was immediately flagged and labeled: “Sensitive Content. This video may contain graphic or violent content.”

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Seeing the label, most people skipped the video but for those who clicked they were utterly amazed and what would have caused any algorithm to flag such a video as potentially violent, except that the men dancing were of the darker shade. Some users let their feelings known in the comments section of the video and even tagged @Instagram but got no response in a 24-hour timespan.

Comments from users:

Why this video censored like it contain explicit content? These hoes even racist on these social platforms.
Wrong ethnicity? They look happy to me.

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Ummm, Instagram You need to fix this…EXPEDITIOUSLY

Where’s the violence at in this?

Sooooo IG flag this?

Why was I waiting for a mass shootout of some sort? 🤔😂 Instagram be tweaking.



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