Peter Tosh’s son has died.

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Jawara McIntosh in a coma because of marijuana
Jawara McIntosh, the son of Peter Tosh

Like his father, Jawara McIntosh, the son of legend reggae, Peter Tosh, suffered tremendous brutality which all evolved from Babylon’s unjust war against the consumers of marijuana.

Tosh 1 has Jawara was affectionately called, died last Friday, three years after being beaten and left unconscious by a fellow inmate while he was serving a six-month jail sentence for marijuana possession.

Efforts to reach his sister Niambe, who is also head of the Peter Tosh estate, were unsuccessful. However, curator of the Peter Tosh Museum, Kingsley Cooper noted that he had spoken with her and that the family was going through a rough time.

“I spoke with Niambe when I heard of Jawara’s passing and the family was experiencing a deep sense of loss. I like to look for the positives and, if there can be any silver lining in a situation such as this; it is the fact that the pain of his condition is no more. A young, vibrant artiste had been reduced to a semi-comatose state, one in which he was unable to help himself,” Cooper told 18 Karat Reggae.

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Cooper could not provide any details as to funeral arrangements and whether or not the body of Tosh 1 will be flown to Jamaica for interment.

Following the February 2017 jailhouse attack, Tosh 1 was in a coma for well over a year. He came out of the coma and was sent home where he was being cared for by his mother and sister. The 40-year-old is father to four children.

Last November Niambe told the audience at the Peter Tosh Music Festival, held at the Pulse Centre in New Kingston, that her brother was still slowly making progress.

“He still has a lot of healing to do still, so I appreciate and know that Jamaica is praying hard for him. The prayers are definitely working so please continue to send out your prayers for him because he is definitely missing from the stage tonight, but I know his spirit is with us at the same time. So please, continue to pray for my father’s youngest son,” she told fans of her father and his music.

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Bergen County Sheriff’s Office, in a statement on the incident which left Tosh 1 injured, noted: “The assault, which lasted less than 10 seconds, resulted in the serious injury of Mr. McIntosh. Bergen County Sheriff’s officers immediately responded to contain the disturbance and provide care to Mr. McIntosh. Medical personnel, including a physician from the jail, provided medical treatment to the victim while awaiting the arrival of the Hackensack Fire Department Emergency Medical Service. Mr. McIntosh was transported to Hackensack University Medical Center for treatment without delay.”



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