Pregnant 10 year old gets help from UN Human Rights Organization.

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Pregnant 10 year old.
Pregnant 10 year old.

Last week we reported on the ten year old girl from Paraguay who was raped and impregnated by her 42 year old stepfather. While the girl’s mother wants her to get an abortion and many agree, she is being denied an abortion by the Paraguayan Government because abortions are only allowed if the mother’s life is in danger.

The United Nations Human Rights Organization has now gotten involved and have sternly rebuked Paraguay, while at the same time trying to pressure the Government into allowing the little girl to have an abortion.

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Paraguay “failed to protect” a pregnant 10 year old rape victim who has been denied an abortion, a group of UN human rights experts has said.

The Paraguayan government’s decision has resulted in “grave violations” of the girl’s rights, the experts said, and called for her to have access to “all necessary healthcare”.

The country’s health minister Antonio Barrios told 18 Karat Reggae that abortion had been “completely ruled out” for the girl, and that he was hopeful for a “happy outcome” to her pregnancy.

Whether the united Nations Human Rights group will have any success remains the be see. The Government is insistng that the 1o year old’s life is not in danger but the World Health Organization says otherwise.

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The World Health Organisation says that the risk of maternal mortality is highest for adolescent girls under 15 years old and complications in pregnancy and that childbirth are the leading cause of death among adolescent girls in developing countries. The Government disagrees with the World Health Organization, however.



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  1. Que las penas que aquejan a esta niña logren cesar de la manera más iluminada posible, namaste.

  2. I would hope after careful medical and social intervention that this child would overcome the horrid circumstances and recover in kindness and mercy.
    The disgrace is not hers nor her child’s
    If at all possible save them both… there has been successful mothers this young. Shame and blame should not rest on her shoulders. Love and assistance ,correcion and sanity be there .Dear God bless her and reorder the misguided attentions to the highest possible good for all involved,amen.

  3. How can a baby give birth to a baby…I sure can’t believe that kid can carry the other in her, well all in God’s hands but the question is what in the world is wrong with the human race today?

  4. OMG SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP THIS BABY CUZ THATS WHAT SHE IS A BABY! HER BODY ISNT READY FOR THIS HER MIND ISNTVREADY FOR THIS!! PLEASE PUNISH THAT SICK MINDED MAN WHO DID THAT TO HER!! My thoughts and prayers are with her and her mom who also should receive help…. im a mother of 3girls and cant image this going on… IM N TEARS AND SHOCK

  5. No abortion but lock his ass up hes to wicked if that was my country he would get life in prison old jhoncrow how can u sex a 10year old and the mother is a ass she know wats going on old dog

  6. Tht very sad. The lil girl need to be abortion. She is 10 yrs old dont how to take of baby. She go school, be normal again. Her stepfather need stay jail for a long-term or deathrow.

  7. Being raped would have been hard enough for her to deal with.. but forcing her to go through 9 months of physical torture by not allowing an abortion, and at the end of it putting her little, unprepared, unmatured body through such much to have a child is disgusting. It would be hard enough for a raped fully grown woman to have her rapists child, but this is beyond that! It’s a disgrace, it looks like she may be a bit far on to have an abortion now, but its hard to tell as she is just a wee tot herself so perhaps she is not so far along. Either way I think it’s awful. Give the child a chance at her life! Let her learn to look after herself first. Let her go to school and be a child!

  8. I’m very concerned regarding this issue wow every parts of my body hurts just seeing this why? us females are your mother’s if you can do this then mother’s are in danger oh god please help our little girls, send an angel to keep on eye out for the demons in this world my little baby your justice is in our one & only father’s hands he knows and feels your pain this goes out to all little girls & boys you’re not forgotten.

  9. If the government casts you aside like trash. Then rise up and stomp the government into sand.

  10. That is an absolute disgrace she should be granted an abortion and the stepfather should be shot!

  11. oh my god how can they let this CHILD go through this,then again its a goverment run by MEN, NO LET ME REPHRASE THAT, SCUM OF THE EARTH,I WONDER IF IT HAPPENED TO THEIR CHILD WHAT WOULD THEY DO,I HOPE THEY GET WHAT THEY DESERVE.

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