Why are Jamaican Black women so much more beautiful than all other women in the world?

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jamaican woman
jamaican woman

From growing up as a military brat to choosing a career in travel and tourism, these two things have afforded me the ability to travel to all 7 continents and 133 countries of the world.

While most travelers tend to enjoy the food, geography and culture of the various places they travel to; my primary interest has always been the women. As an avid photographer, I have taken thousands of photographs of all the places I have been but in more than 95 percent of these photos, all of them included some local women. So all my pictures of the great wall of China include some Chinese women, all my pictures of the Taj Mahal include some Indian women and of course all my pictures of the Blue Mountain include some beautiful Jamaican women.

As I scroll through my vast collections of photographs over the years, it became apparent to me that there are no women on the face of the earth as beautiful as the Jamaican Black woman. Jamaican women are not all Black, a small percentage truly represent their motto, “Out of many, one people” but the Black women are far more beautiful than the other women.

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I made it an exercise as I scroll through my Jamaican photographs hundreds of times to figure out what it is about the Jamaican woman that makes her so much more adorable than her counterparts all over the world.

One of the most outstanding things about Jamaican Black women is the whiteness of their teeth. I am not sure if they use something other than toothpaste or it is because of their diet but their teeth is whiter than the teeth of all other women around the world; and when they smile or laugh those teeth glisten under the beautiful Jamaican sun.

The Jamaican Black women skin is so smooth; it is obvious that it was blessed by the water from the land of wood and water. I remember my first time in Jamaica back in 1989; my travelling buddy said to me “why do you keep rubbing these ladies arms?” I am not some kind of pervert but their skin was so smooth and beautiful, I had to see if it was as smooth as it looks. Thank God the Jamaican woman has just as much inner beauty as outer, so none of them slapped me for rubbing their arms.

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There is also something about the Black women in Jamaica eyes. Let’s just say Jamaican women eyes remind me of some lyrics from an old country song that goes, “Your parents must have taken stars from the skies and gave them to you to wear in your eyes.” Yes. the Jamaican woman dreamy eyes will have you dreaming about her all day and night.

Since 1989, I have been to Jamaica 17 times and over the years, I have seen less and less dark skin Black women. Apparently some did not realize how beautiful they were and have turned to skin bleaching in order to have lighter complexion. However, for those the embrace their Africaness and embraced their blackness, they continue to be the most beautiful women in the world.

Regardless of where you are from in the world, if you enjoy admiring beautiful women then Jamaica is an island you must visit.



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