Bob Marley made one mistake.

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Bob Marley
Bob Marley

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain” – Bob Marley.

Have you ever been dumped by someone? Has someone ever broken your heart and just when you thought you were over that person, you hear a love song on the radio. When music hits you, it can hurt and the hurt is deep and hard. You don’t even have to be dumped. You could be the one who broke off the relationship and then you hear a song that reminds you of the person you just broke it off with, and the tears will literally come flowing down your face. In fact, you have to be real lucky if music as never hit you so hard that it hurts.

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Love songs are not the only ones that can pack a punch either. There are some songs that paint a bad picture so good, it is like you were there when whatever the artist is talking about was taking place and you can’t help but to feel the pain. One such song is from Bob Marley himself:

Every time I hear the crack of the whip
My blood runs cold.
I remember on the slave ship
They brutalize our very soul

Has a song ever hurt you so bad that you actually cried?

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  1. Thats real talk
    Strength of the music
    And just like the great king say
    When it hits you u feel no pain

  2. marley was no god and it been more dan jus 1 fishstake he did. stop put de man higher than he wanted to be. instead of beeing a father to his children this wutless been rollin around stickin his dyck into any white ooman until the babylon poison his greedy fuck, sell out dread, but strong message bben comin from great late PETER TOSH not bob , bob jus sing bout his 3 women and punky reggae

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