Christians believe Jews are God’s chosen people so why do Christians believe in Jesus Christ?

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Jews and Christians
Jews and Christians

It has been said that the people we call the “Jews” today are not the Hebrews in the bible. That topic is another discussion for another time.

The fact is, however, Christians see those that are called “Jews” today as “God’s chosen people.”

So let’s say Christians are correct and the Jews were chosen by God. Then if the God of the Jews is also the God of the Christians, and God chose the Jews as his peculiar people, shouldn’t Christians be striving to be like the Jews? Wouldn’t being like God’s chosen people be the most pleasing in God’s sight?

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The Jews being God’s chosen people should be an example for Christians. Christians should strive to embrace the lifestyle of God’s chosen people; the way they eat, the way they worship, how they worship, where they worship, when they worship and most importantly who they worship.

So why is it that most Christians don’t obey the Sabbath? Why is it that so many Christians worship on Sundays rather than sunset on Friday to sunset on Saturday? Why don’t Christians follow a kosher diet?

Most importantly, why do Christians believe in Jesus Christ when God’s chosen people don’t?

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So to all the Christians I ask, why are you not striving to be more like God’s chosen people? If God’s chosen people don’t believe in Jesus then why do you? Last but not least, aren’t you being presumptuous when you tell God’s chosen people that unless they do as you do, they will burn in everlasting hell fire?

What makes a Christian think that God would burn his chosen people in hell fire while Christians live happily ever after?



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  1. The answer is in your question. Christians don’t think Jews are “God’s chosen people”. Furthermore, Jesus himself called the Jews a “generation of vipers”. If you want to learn more about what Jews really believe, pick up the book, “The Holy Serpent of the Jews” by Texe Marrs.

    If some Christians really do believe Jews are “God’s Chosen people” then I think they’re mislead. The two will never see eye to eye because Jews have rejected Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior. Therefore they will die in their sins.

  2. God chose Jews to reach the whole world. The God of the chosen people is also the God of all. He didnt chose jews for salvation but for service to all nation.

  3. The real Jews are the negro slave descendants. They are living and scattered all over the world, and are concentrated mainly in America (African Americans) and the Caribbean (African Caribbeans). Their true identity has been stolen. They are the real Jews descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (whose name later changed to Israel). These Negro people are the real biblical Israelites the Bible speaks about. God warned Abraham in Genesis 15:13 that his descendants will go into slavery for 400 years. The transatlantic slavery experience is documented in the Bible. It can be found in Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 15-68. God told them that they succumb to a host of curses and they will lose their heritage and identity and they would be called bywords. And so said so done. Thats why black people are always on the bottom rung of society no matter where they are in the world. They are no longer known as the children of Israel. They are called black; colored, negro, African, West Indian, and a whole host of other derogatory, byword names like nigger, coon, tar baby etc. According to the Bible the Israelites went into slavery ON SHIPS and whoever are the real children of Israel should be going through hardship and suffering the curses whilst here on the earth, right up until Christ’s return. That’s why he’s coming; to redeem the children of Israel from their enemies (Luke 68:1-3). The Bible doesn’t say he’s coming to save Christians. Everyone needs to read their bible properly and stop listening to lying pastors who are robbing you blind (read Titus chapter 1) whilst entertaining you from their pulpits. Jesus is a Hebrew man; an Israelite from the tribe of Judah (Hebrews 7:14). He doesn’t know what Christianity is and the modern day Christianity does not follow the word of God. Christians have been deceived. They have been sold a false religion that departs from the word of God. This truth of who the children of Israel are will rise and spread throughout the world. It’s bible prophesy.

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