The Real Jews. The Real Truth.

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Real Jews
Real Jews

The real Jews are the negro slave descendants. They are living and scattered all over the world and are concentrated mainly in America (African Americans) and the Caribbean (African Caribbeans).

Their true identity has been stolen. They are the real Jews descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (whose name later changed to Israel).

These Negro people are the real biblical Israelites the Bible speaks about. God warned Abraham in Genesis 15:13 that his descendants will go into slavery for 400 years. The transatlantic slavery experience is documented in the Bible. It can be found in Deuteronomy chapter 28 verses 15-68. God told them that they succumb to a host of curses and they will lose their heritage and identity and they would be called bywords. As it was said, so it was done.

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That’s why black people are always on the bottom rung of society no matter where they are in the world. They are no longer known as the children of Israel. They are called black; colored, negro, African, West Indian, and a whole host of other derogatory, byword names like nigger, coon, tar baby etc.

According to the Bible the Israelites went into slavery ON SHIPS and whoever are the real children of Israel should be going through hardship and suffering the curses whilst here on the earth, right up until Christ’s return. That’s why he’s coming; to redeem the children of Israel from their enemies (Luke 68:1-3).

The Bible doesn’t say he’s coming to save Christians. Everyone needs to read their bible properly and stop listening to lying pastors who are robbing you blind (read Titus chapter 1) whilst entertaining you from their pulpits.

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Jesus is a Hebrew man; an Israelite from the tribe of Judah (Hebrews 7:14). He doesn’t know what Christianity is and the modern day Christianity does not follow the word of God.

Christians have been deceived. They have been sold a false religion that departs from the word of God. This truth of who the children of Israel are will rise and spread throughout the world. It’s biblical prophecy.

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  1. falasha jews (in picture) are not black they are consider red in ethiopia, do some research first before spreading ur racist agenda, fools.
    not everyone in africa is westafrican take a trip to ethiopia and talk to people.
    “negro people” as u said are actually negro people while kushites are the hebrews or so called jews, you americanized fools make no sense from far over the lake, pure theorists

    • Why would anyone travel to Ethiopia to get a word of truth when the only word of truth on earth is right here in your local bible. I hate arguing with a FOOL but it hard not to sometimes. Unless you know more than GOD you can only trust his word. Anyone who can’t count the hairs on his own his or the stars in the sky don’t know nothing so just stick to scripture and respect GOD’s word and his true children or he will cast you into the lake of fire on his return. Some people just don’t read or just don’t accept the written truth.

      Christ came from the the tribe of Juda if you read, you will also find several descriptions of Christ throughout the holy bible if have have any since.

      Just to name a couple descriptions of Christ Daniel 7:9 and Revelations 1:14-15 clearly describes him as having hair like wool and his color is like burnish looking brass. This is similar to the color of an average American people which looks dark and light brown which is the exact color of the average black American. Just accept the truth, God never change all his kinsmen and their decedents look exactly like him burnished brass which is brownish looking and woolly hair so you can clearly see his lambs or marked and he will easily find his sheep.

      Black Americans also are a perfect match in which anyone with just a little since can all the current up to this evidence that match all the curses and tribulations that he cast upon his children for their disobedience and that is not racist, it is actually the holy bible.

      It is also mighty strange how after all these years of seeing those Fake jews is Israel today nobody had any complaints but as soon as the people who match all the bible truth in scripture they are outraged. Also, after over hundreds of years of seeing those fake pale face, pink cheeked images of Christ no one had any complaints about that either but the one and only true GOD ain’t that simple.

      Accept his truth and stop trying to add to it with your dumb science, God not only has a number for all the stars it the sky but he has a name for each one of them along the exact number of hair on your dumb head, so if you are not quoting the holy bible you can just shut up cause you don’t know nothing.

  2. I made a mistake. It’s not Luke 68:1-3. It’s actually in Luke 1:68-79 that explains that God is sending Jesus to redeem HIS people from their enemies. Acts 5:31 makes it clear that God sent Jesus to give repentance to ISRAEL (not Christians). Who are God’s people? They are not Christians. They are the children of Israel. That’s why he said “I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel” in Matthew 15:24. He gave specific instructions to his disciples NOT to go to the Gentiles (Gentiles are non-Israelites). So all the Christian doctrine of “Jesus loves everyone” is a lie. He loves Israel. Deuteronomy 7:6 also makes this clear. If it want to know what God thinks of the other nations just read Isaiah 40:15. God also says that he hates Esau (the nation of Edom) (Romans 9:13). Isaiah 45:17 makes it perfectly clear that ISRAEL shall be saved (not Christians). The Negros of this world have been told by Europeans and lying pastors that they are gentiles and are Ham’s descendants but the truth is that they are the real children of Israel; Gods chosen! The “powers that be” know this. And Romans 9:26 says the children of Israel will find out the truth of who they are, in the land of their captivity. Isaiah chapter 63 says Jesus is coming to take down the nation of Esau/Edom. The book of Obediah clearly states that the nation of Edom will be brought down and destroyed. Revelations 21 describes the new kingdom having 12 gates of the names of the 12 tribes of Israel (the gates do NOT display the names of any Christian denominations! Think about that). Revelations 2:9 and 3:9 also warns us that there are currently a people calling themselves Jews but they are NOT Jews but the synagogue of Satan. I guess my comments are going to be very unpopular even though everything I am saying is coming straight out the BIBLE! It’s not coming from my own mind. The truth is, God’s people can never be defeated or overthrown forever. God punished them for disobedience (Baruch 4:6) but he will make sure they will eventually be redeemed and take their rightful place on this earth. I will leave you with this quote from the bible “but ISRAEL saved with an EVERLASTING salvation. You will not be ashamed or confounded world without end” (Isaiah 45:17). Israel is the “world” being spoken of in John 3:16. You need to keep the commandments to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus said this in Matthew 19:17. Amen and goodbye.

  3. Who compiled the Bible and placed Saul/Paulinity above Christ?
    Saulpaul, the 13th disciple whose 13 letters are also in the bible canon.
    The huge problem with the Bible is the inclusion of any OT books other than the Samaritan Torah and the 12 “new testament” books not writ by Saul or his co-conspirators.

    No…you will never know the true God or His Son Jesus by reading about the criminal and filthy Judeans/Benjamites (see judges 19) or by reading he pharisaic legalese of Saul, (the “roman citizen””pharisee”) who not only never studied with Jesus, but created a great many lawless oppositions to Jesus’ explicit forbidden activities.

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