Prablem The Substance
Prablem The Substance

Helpful, jovial and down to earth are the most adjectives that perfectly fits the songwriter/performer/recording artiste, Prablem.

Born Reinard Bryan on 14th October, 1988, Prablem grew up in both communities of Raymonds District and Cornpiece Settlement, Hayes Clarendon. He grew up without a Mother, of which had died when he was only 2years old. Prablem, when asked about this said, “Growing up I always asked why it had to happen but now I realize that everything doesn’t have to be understood now but the reasons will present themselves when the time comes.”

Prablem believes that his personal struggles and triumphs all stimulated or resulted in him being the helpful person he is towards people and that along with just a pen and a paper also helped him to be a better person. The child he was enjoyed writing as he had entered various essay writing and spelling competitions in primary school and excelled at both representing his school and parish at a tender age. Prablem never really shared a good relationship with his father but the respect was and is still maintained. He is also a father of a daughter who he loves and takes care of.

Prablem is a past student of Glenmuir High and Vere Technical High School. He is Multitalented also, as he played football up to the under 16 level at Glenmuir and choreographed the dance groups at both Glenmuir and Vere Technical for JCDC festival competition. Prablem has a vast amount of leadership qualities that was implemented while attending university (The University of Technology), where he studied Marketing as Major and International Business as Minor. He showed his love for music and connecting people by being one of the stronger hands



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