Jeannie Mai compares Blacks being killed to Asians being insulted.

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Jeannie Mai and husband
Jeannie Mai and husband

We are sure that Jeannie Mai’s heart is in the right place but her latest Instagram post came out so wrong. She actually try to say the murder of George Floyd and other innocent Black people are on the same level as Asians being insulted by white racists.

Someone needs to kindly and respectfully explain to Miss Mai that being insulted and losing your life are not on the same level.

Below is Jeannie Mai’s full post.

Racism has no hierarchy! COVID-19 and the hateful rhetoric of Donald Trump have catalyzed a surge in anti-Asian violence. Fighting racism against Asians is deeply tied to the social justice we are fighting for through George Floyd, Atatinia Jefferson, Botham Jean, Breonna Taylor and the countless Black bodies that have fallen victim to hate because racism has no hierarchy!

“Go home chinks,” was spray painted across my aunt’s car when I was a kid. We had just walked out of my house because she was giving me a ride to school. She asked me what those words meant. I felt embarrassment and shame. I didn’t want her to feel what I was feeling. I have now realized that over time I’ve accepted these racist remarks because, as a first generation immigrant in America, I thought I had to accept the good (freedom) with the bad (racism). These times have taught me to unlearn.

“Model minority” seems like a compliment, but it does great harm. And I am guilty for following it while growing up: “Don’t argue back,” “don’t cause trouble with police.” “Do our best to show Americans that we blend in.” “If we take the hit, life would be so much easier.” Today I’ve learned “assimilation” is a masking word meant to break down who I am in service to this white America.

Just because we don’t see public lynching anymore, racial hate has manifested in other spaces of our society: from broken criminal justice systems to voter suppression, racist cops and Karens, and systematic killing of Black bodies. The transparency of America’s racism and social injustice reflect the country’s denial of basic human rights for People of Color. We need to work together- we have the same goal in becoming anti-racist and dismantling white supremacy.



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