Pinterest fixes what could be considered a racist issue on their website.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
Rasta Beauty
Rasta Beauty

Much props and respect goes out to Pinterest on their quick response to what could have been considered blatant racism on their website.

If you ever need photos for anything, Pinterest is the best place on the web to go, as they have photos for almost every situation or category you can think. Not only do we use their service but every reggae artist that has ever done a song on our 18 Karat Reggae compilations, they have numerous photos on the site. All our blog contributors and social media administrators also have numerous photos on Pinterest.

About 80 percent of the 18 Karat Reggae team not only have locs but they are also die hearted Rastas and they are all beautiful, inside and out. So when we need to post photos have beautiful Rastas can get those right in house. However, a few weeks ago we wanted to post some beautiful locs but with a bit of diversity. So we went over to Pinterest and type in “Rasta Beauty” in their search box. To our surprise, only white women were returned in the search, not a single Black or Brown woman came back.

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How could this be? So many Black and Brown Rasta women on Pinterest that shows up if you search for “Rasta” by itself, however, when you add “beauty” to the search term, they all disappear. This is something we definitely could take lightly, so we decided to send the following to Pinterest.

“How come the site is filled with both Black and white women with dread locs, however, if you search for a term like “Rasta Beauty”, only the white women come up?”

It took Pinterest about a week to get back to us with the following:

Hi there,

I’m Apiok and I am here to help with your query.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

I just checked this out and I am definitely going to raise this with the relevant team.

We definitely want our platform to reflect the diversity of the planet so this is really important feedback.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. I’ve passed it along to my team, and we’ll be sure to keep it in mind as we continue to build out new features and improve the current ones.

Thank you.

So after getting the response, we went back on Pinterest and again typed “Rasta beauty” in their search bar and what do you know? A diverse array of beautiful Rastas showed up in the search result. Much to our delight, two people from the 18 Karat Reggae teams also showed up in the search, this was not our intention at all but we were glad to see that anyway.

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So shout out to Pinterest on their quick actions with this matter and remember if you see something, say something, and when saying something is not enough, do something.



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