Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica are fake Rastas, according to Davianah.

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Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel
Queen Ifrica and Tony Rebel

Dancehall star Davianah is lashing out at the Rasta community and two famous Rastas; her father Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica.

“The reason why I can burn out nuff people in the Rasta community is because the two biggest hypocrites I have ever come across are both Rastafarians, and they are my father (Tony Rebel) and Queen Ifrica,” Davianah posted on social media.

The Ravish singer is definitely speaking her mind and pulling no punches. Although to be fair to Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica, there are probably no real Rastas left today except for those living in Bobo Hill.

Most Rastas in Reggae music are just using the religion as a tool to make money. While international stars like Lorde, Lauryn Hill and many others have been boycotting Israel for the injustice against the Palestinian people; so called Rastas like Ziggy Marley, Chronixx and Damian Marley have sold their souls for a few dollars more and refuse to join the boycott against the apartheid state.

The rift with Davianah, Rebel and Ifrica seems to have started at Rebel Salute almost two weeks ago.

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Davianah wore nude-colored pantyhose at Rebel salute looking almost as X-rated as her song Ravish, which is a far cry from the cultural and uplifting music we have come to expect from her father. That did not prevent Rebel from joining his daughter on stage and declaring his love and admiration for her.

“Rebel Salute, a mi daughter enuh. She rebellious… but mi affi love her,” Tony Rebel told the crowd.

Rebel’s words were just a show for the public, according to Davianah but once they got back stage, the singer claims she was assaulted.

“Davianah clothes herself and feeds herself but I never showed them any bad faces and that was real. It didn’t matter anymore if they supported me because I supported me. But here is where I draw the line because you can’t come on stage and embrace me but assault me behind closed doors,” she claimed.

The singer did not mention if it was Tony Rebel, Queen Ifrica or both who assaulted her but 18 Karat Reggae checked with the Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) and no assault charges were filed by Davianah whose real name is Davahu Barrett.

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“You don’t even know how I survive so you don’t get to put your hands on me anymore, especially when you want to fight me because I’m telling you i don’t dress to please you. I don’t and I never will. Not anymore.”

It would be strange if Queen Ifrica was a part of the assault for the Davianah dresses because just few weeks ago, while sporting some sexy makeup, Ifrica was asked if Rastas are supposed to wear makeup, to which she responded, “This is one Rasta who does what she wants.” So if a Rasta woman can do what she wants then it is only fair that baldhead woman gets to do what she wants.



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