Rihanna exposes an ugly side of India.

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Rihanna smoking marijuana
Rihanna smoking marijuana

Five words, five words forming a simple question, that was all it took from Rihanna for the Indian government and numerous Indians to start hurling insults and even threats at the Bajan pop star.

“why aren’t we talking about this?” the Work singer tweeted in reference to an article about Indian farmers protesting and the Indian Government retaliating by cutting off their internet service. Her tweet immediately drew ire from some Indians with some even going as far as praising Chris Brown for abusing her back in 2009.

Had it been Taylor Swift, Britney Spears or Madonna who tweeted the exact same thing that Rihanna did, there would not have been the outburst of hatred that was spewed against the Barbados celebrity. However, a large part of the Indian population see Blacks as inferior to them and therefore should not have an opinion or get involved in their affairs.

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Below is an excerpt from an open letter to Rihanna by a concerned Indian. It was written by satirical author Krishna Shastri Devulapalli but it still captures the essence of what fueled the hateful attacks on Rihanna.

Dear Barbadian Behen,

Following your thoughtless and most unnecessary tweet, as a proud Indian, I have no choice but to write this letter to put things in perspective for you.

As you well know, there are two types of West Indians. The first kind is a superior race of noble, fair, courageous folk who are never wrong. They eat khakhra, thepla, dhokla and fafda, and do the garba with devotional majama during Navratri. Examples of this upstanding race are Nirav Modi, Amisha Patel, the Gir Lion and Amitabh Bachchan (yes). They are so admirable that our entire ancient nation is currently in the process of following what has come to be known as the West Indian Model

Then there is Type Two. The set you unfortunately belong to. Let’s just say this group possesses none of the qualities associated the world over with Type One. Your sort is known to spend time lazing about at picturesque beaches in minimal gear, sporting dreadlocks, drinking rum, smoking hallucinogenic herbs, eating highly unsanskari things like barbecued pig tails, and twerking.

Yours sanskarily,

A concerned Indian

It was just in 2018 that a statue of the famed Indian activist Ghandi was removed from a university in Ghana after students concluded that he was a bigot.

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