Chronixx is ungrateful according to the mother of J.O.E.

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J.O.E. and his mother
J.O.E. and his mother

If the saying that “what doesn’t kill makes you stronger” is true, then reggae and dancehall fans can only hope this storm has passed, and that it won’t kill Chronixx’s career but will make it stronger.

Hardly given a chance to recuperate from the backlash he has faced since his “waste man” comment, Chronixx is facing a new wave of criticisms from the mother of his late friend and fellow artist JOE (Jah Ova Evil).

The mother of JOE, Patsy Ricketts, has taken to social media to let it be known that Chronixx is an ungrateful person who used her and her family to get a break then forgot about them once he got his break.

“My son Alty George Nunes also known as Jah Ova Evil (J.O.E) passed in 2011. Soon after he passed, Chronixx came into our lives, he actually slept in my son’s bed and stayed with us for about two years. From there, he worked on his hits Behind Curtain, Warrior, and even his recent hit Spirulina. We had frequent reasonings about Rastafari, which he seldom agreed on, but we decided to put our energy into him because we saw the talent. I will not forget the night when our youths started posting posters of Chronixx on light posts, we blogged on the Internet for him. In general, we pushed him forward. He obviously decided that he had used us enough and has never turned back to even say thank you, now who is the waste man?” Ricketts posted on social media.

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Many questioned the timing of Ricketts coming out against Chronixx. Some wondered why she did not say anything in public before the waste man incident. Some wondered why she wanted to kick Chronixx while he was down, some wondered if it was a publicity stunt, and someone even went as far to say, “J.O.E. normally means Jah Ova Evil but in this case it is Jealousy Or Envy.”

Miss Rickets then went on to make it clear that Chronixx did not speak for any Rastafarians or Jamaicans.

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“We at Jah Ova Evil have completely disassociated ourselves from this young man. I do not wish for him to be an advocate for me as a Rastafarian or as a Jamaican because in order for one to be a good ambassador one has to take a page from His Imperial Majesty’s book, e.g being a good diplomat which simply means choosing your words wisely,” she said.



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  1. lets just say this story is true
    Is this who we really are as rasta ? Why brig up all the good you did ? The struggle is still on for him and I think
    He has never forgot this woman and the good she did time would have tell look at other up and coming stars takes them time to back to the people who helped them things don’t happen like that . This lady sounds inpatient #dontgivetorecive

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