How To Smoke Marijuana and Keep Your Lungs Healthy.

Vaping Marijuana
Vaping Marijuana

Keeping your lungs healthy is an important part of life. There are lots of risks involved when you smoke but it’s solvable. Recent studies proved that regular marijuana users are as likely to get lung cancer as the average person. This means that marijuana does not increase your risk of cancer but rather it is what you include in your marijuana that could increase that risk.

The Bizarre Truth About Cannabis Smoke

Based on the researchers at Atlanta’s Emory University analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, where they discovered that cannabis users who smoked a joint per day for up to 20 years do not have any signs of lung harm. So in essence, a joint a day keep the doctor away.

Another thing is that rolling papers and other stuff you use to roll or to smoke can affect on your lungs. Rolling papers can be containing other chemicals, which will damage your lung tissue. But the problem is solved by switching to a vape which will avoid all of these risks as well.

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Everybody has a different smoking style and in order to protect your lungs you have to know the pros and cons of different smoking methods.


Right now this is the healthiest way of consuming cannabis. Because vaporizers don’t put direct fire onto the herb, you’re able to get a nice inhale of vapors while mitigating many of the harmful impacts of inhaling hot plant material.

Joints & Pipes

These ones can be harmful because your standard Bic Lighter can reach a temperature of 3,590.6 degrees F (1,977 C). This means enchanting a very hot flame straight to your weed. You inhale the remaining hot. We know this is the best to use weed but try to do it periodically from time to time.

Water Pipes & Bongs

These ones are fan because water cools down the smoke before you breathe it into your system. But, this is not just cooling down the weed as well as the water also catches unwanted ash and weed particles that would later turn into tar inside your lungs.

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The most popular way of smoking is this one. Dabbing which concentrates like Butane Hash Oil (BHO). In order to keep your lungs safe you use this method.

Quality Product Keeps You Feelin’ Healthy

The final tip on how to keep your lungs healthy while smoking cannabis is to say No to Schwag.

Try to exercise this can help reduce the effects of marijuana on your lungs. Deep breathing, going to mountains and getting fresh air can help you. In a village they found a man 106 years old and he said that he has been smoking weed all his life; they took him to hospital to test him. The results were fascinating he did not have any damage; he said that it is because of the fresh air in the mountain village.



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