Beyonce and Jay Z posed nude.

Brtonce and Jay Z
Brtonce and Jay Z

Beyonce and Jay Z allowed fans to get closer and more intimate with them on their On the Run Tour. It might be a stunt to sell more tour books but fans do not care as the books have sold out at every show so far.

Jay Z who often brags of getting his start in wealth building by selling drugs to his own people is no stranger when it comes to doing whatever is making making money. His wife, Beyonce, also knows that nothing sells like sex so fans should not be surprised that the couple decided to pose nude.

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The couple posed together for what could definitely be considered softcore porn. In one photo, Beyonce is reading a newspaper while wearing nothing but a thong, while Jay Z is only his boxer smoking what appears to be an oversize marijuana spliff. In another photo, Jay Z is caressing Beyonce’s naked body every so gently. There is also another photo where Beyonce is flashing her big naked booty on the beach.

Beyonce had previously admit to having sex in public.



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