“Drake the Fake” is not just a Jamaican saying anymore.


Mr. Vegas started referring to the rapper Drake as “Drake the Fake” and the name kind of took off in Jamaica. Now, however, it is not just a Jamaican thing anymore as the name as spread all over Africa.

Like many Jamaicans, millions of Africans are now bashing Drake for using other people’s material and not giving proper credit to the originators.

The bashing started after Nigerian entertainer Wizkid dropped his highly anticipated video for Come Closer a collaborative effort with the Canadian rapper.

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The video, which was directed by popular Nigerian-born American video director ‘Daps’ falls nothing short of being stellar; however, fans couldn’t help but ask one very important question: ‘Why is Drake missing in the video?’

It is widely believed in the reggae and dancehall community that the Canadian rapper tries to get close tot their fans but he tries his best to make sure the other artists do not benefit from his fans.

Even though Jamaican deejay Popcaan has toured with the rapper on a recent tour, the unruly boss has yet to get a solid feature from Drake.

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