Rihanna’s Reggae album mistake.

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS

When reggae artist, Mr Bertus, releases his album on April 7th, Rihanna will be reminded of one of the biggest mistake she made in her musical career.

While recording “Ganja for life”, the lead single for his upcoming album, Mr. Bertus’ camp reached out to Rihanna’s camp for the pop princess to collaborate on the song. Bertus’ camp thought it would be a perfect fit since Rihanna’s love for marijuana is well known to the public.

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Unfortunately the pop princess never got back to Mr. Bertus, so the Jamaican went ahead and recorded the song by himself.

“We actually waited two whole weeks for her response and never got any, so at that point I just decided to record the song by myself,” Mr. Bertus said.

Recording the song by himself turned out very well for Mr. Bertus as the song is now topping the Reggae charts from Jamaica to Africa.

Rihanna might have responded to Bertus because she is currently working on her own reggae album. On April 7th, however, she might have some regrets when Bertus’ album “18 Karat Reggae presents Mr. Bertus” is released and she is not on it.

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