Mavado whips Drake like he used to whip Vybz Kartel, lyrically.

Drake and Vybz Kartel
Drake and Vybz Kartel

Canadian rapper Drake seems to have forgotten who Mavado really is. Maybe it is a case of amnesia but Drake seems to not remember the days of gully versus gaza when the world boss himself, Vybz Kartel, was actually Mavado’s beating stick.

Whatever was behind the silly move, Drake decided it would be a good idea to big up the gaza while disrespecting the gully in his freestyle, “Only You Freestyle”.

“With Pop Skull in Gaza, but not that Gaza, but still it’s a mazza / Ni**as want peace like Cassava / But we let bridge dem burn like grabba,” Drizzy raps. “Four in the cliz and one in the headie / Hand no shake, man, hold that steady / You man love pose with the ting for the picture / You man shoulda buss dat ting already.”

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It did not take long for Mavado to retaliate lyrically and he basically destroys Kartel’s entire gaza along with Popcaan and Drake.

“Tell soft and fake likkle sheep, like Mormon, die trying but you will never be a yard man,” raps the Gully God. He also references Drake’s recent vacation in Barbados (“Wait, yuh nuh see say dem head man fi buss, catch him pon a yacht bout dem a play Candy Crush”).

Listen has Mavado eliminate his enemies.

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