Every Jamaican should be riding with Nicki Minaj, not Remy Ma.

Mavado and Nicki Minaj
Mavado and Nicki Minaj

It was shocking, surprising and downright disgusting to see so many Jamaicans with their tongues up Remy Ma’s ass when she dropped the diss song on Nicki Minaj. Did Jamaicans get amnesia and suddenly forgot how Nicki has been riding for and with Jamaicans? Did Jamaicans forgot that Nicki was riding for Jamaicans so much that her own Trinidadians started hating on her and accused her of trying to be Jamaican?

Hey Jamaicans, remember this, when Gyptian dropped “Hold You”, it was hot in dancehall but it was the Nicki Minaj remix that mad it hot worldwide and top the charts all over the world.

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Jamaicans love Nicki Minaj when she was at the BET Awards getting down in the audience as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Chaka Demus and Pliers performed on the stage. Did one song from Remy cause that love to die?

When top notch dancehall star, Mavado, recorded “Give it all to me”, it is Nicki Minaj who was featured not Remy Ma.

The truth is, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna has shown so much love to dancehall and Jamaica, it should never even cross Jamaicans minds to side with another rapper that Nicki has beef with. She might has been born a Soca Warrior but she also live like a Reggae Girl…memba dat.



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