Reggae artist Xyclone blasts onto the Billboard chart right below Bob Marley.


Fast rising reggae dancehall star, Xyclone, blasts onto the Billboard Reggae Chart at #14 with his debut album entitled From the basement to the big leagues. Then if you take a look at the top albums in iTunes, you will see Bob Marley holding the number one, two and four positions and Xyclone sitting right below the king at number 5.

The eight-track set includes the hit song Tell the Truth (featuring Star Cole) which is co-produced by Ricardo “Survivor Slim” Raffington and Edward “Kris David” Dodd. The video for that song was also featured on 18 Karat Reggae facebook page and did very well.

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The Baltimore-based Xyclone spoke to 18 Karat Reggae about the album’s title.

“Looking back at my career in music where my first studio was in the basement of my house and now I own a studio perpendicular to Hollywood Boulevard in California, hence the album cover. Plus, it’s a great achievement what I have accomplished so far as an independent artiste. But in a broader sense, it’s the notion of ‘from nothing to something’,” he said.

Roots Creation lead singer Brett Wilson is also a first-time entrant. He is at number eight with Get Ready! Live in Columbus Brett Wilson from Roots Creation, a 13-track set that was released on December 16 by Bomb Shelter Records.

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