A martian is taking over Reggae Dancehall.

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Cee Gee
Cee Gee

Born Cheston Grossett, in the small town of Port Antonio, Jamaica, this Gemini has his sight on becoming a musical legend. Known for his hard hitting rhymes, melodies and live performance, Cee Gee is an act any and every dancehall lover would want to hear and see on stage performing. He is well respected among his peers for his humility and consciousness towards life’s realities; and moreover, very professional when it comes to work (music).

Being an A grade English and Literature student, Cee Gee (dubbed The Martian) lyrical compositions have marvelled many and have thus on request, participated in writing sessions for several prominent dancehall artistes. And his unique melodies, lyrical delivery and being able to sing consistently on key and harmony has made him a sought after artiste by many producers locally and internationally. This has earned him collaborations with the King of Dancehall Beenie Man, Prince of Reggae Dennis Brown, Dub Poet Mutabaruka, Fambo, Rising Star winner K’Von etc. for various producers.

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Surrounded by a cluster of supporting businesses, since 2005, Cee Gee’s career journey and management is streamlined by Rudelikedat Entertainment with clearly defined ascending objectives. Of recent, working closely with MD Entertainment has lead to Cee Gee performing in countries such as USA, Canada, Africa (Zimbabwe), Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, The Bahamas, Barbados and St. Croix etc.

Monotony is not Cee Gee’s friend. He passionately believes that every rhythm has its own identity and hence deserves likewise lyrical composition. Producers and engineers are “Martians” in Cee Gee’s eyes and feels strongly that the time and effort they spend in making music shouldn’t be undervalued irrespective of their status. Notwithstanding, he is steadfast on working only with persons/companies who take the music business seriously. Testimonies of his lyrical ideals are revealed through his most recent hits ‘Sittn Sittn’ produced by Kurt Riley and ‘Chat Some Supm’ produced by ZJ Chrome are.

“If you don’t see me tomorrow, ‘Mars Mi Gone’, because that’s ‘Where I Live’ and I am a ‘Gyal Criminal’ on the run. Dreams can be realised through a ‘Money Song’ but it can be lost with ‘No Markings’. Although I am the ‘Greatest Unknown’, each ‘Recording Session’ is what keeps me ‘Stayin Alive’; but if you see me ‘Cryin’ Tears’ it’s for the lesser fortunate because ‘A Smaddy Dem’. And in closing, don’t get caught in negative ‘Sittn Sittn’ as you will only be give people ammunition to ‘Chat Some Supm’.”

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Words of: Cheston “Cee Gee” Grossett, the Martian.



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