Is Antifa helping or hurting the Black cause?

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Antifa is playing a huge role in the protests for the murder of George Floyd. While some see this as helpful for the Black cause, there are others who believe that Antifa is actually hurting the cause.

According to the United States census, Blacks are only 13 percent of the United States population, so one would think that any help in the struggle for equal rights and justice would be helpful. So why are so many displeased with what Antifa is doing? Well for one, Antifa does not play by the system’s rules and to some Blacks, the anarchy that comes with Anitfa’s assistance in the struggle makes them look bad.

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Watch the video below as Black women confront members of Antifa who were vandalizing and told them that their assistance is not needed.

The funny this is these protests are driven by the system and its institutionalized and systematic racism. However, Blacks are allowing the same system that they are protesting to tell them the right and wrong way of protesting. So the system tells Black people that they can protest but it must be peaceful. In other, “go ahead and protest, just don’t make us too uncomfortable.”

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Whether Blacks agree or disagree with the methods being used by Antifa, the fact is they are making the people in power way more uncomfortable than if the protests were just Blacks alone.

How do you feel about Antifa joining the Black protests?



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