How much do you spend on marijuana each week?

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Weed girl
Weed girl

If you use marijuana, unless you plant your own or have friends or family members who do, then chances are you buy the herb. So how much do you spend on weed on a weekly basis? Ever wondered if you are a high spender, low spender or right in the middle? Well, the average marijuana user spends $13 on average per week on marijuana.

While college students are cheering the loudest for marijuana legalization, it is actually their professors who are smoking the most weed.

A recent study concluded that the average marijuana smoker is a 37-year-old male and he spends roughly $655 per year on marijuana. The study was conducted by Headset Inc., a cannabis intelligence firm.

Though 37 is the average age of a consumer, millennials make the bulk of such purchases. Just over 50 percent of recreational marijuana consumers are ages 21 to 34, Headset found. Older generations are unlikely to stop at the legal dispensary: Fewer than 10 percent of the purchases reviewed in this report were made by those older than 60.

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Customers in their twenties spent a median of just $27 per visit to a dispensary but made trips more frequently than other generations, a median of every 16 days compared to every 18.2 days for those in their thirties and 20 days for those in their forties. The median spend per trip also increased with age, topping out at $64 for those in their eighties. The biggest median annual spenders are members of Generation X: Users in their forties spent $823 in the last year and those in their fifties, $753.

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“As you’re older, you might have more money to go and make bigger purchases,” explained Headset co-founder Cy Scott. “The millennials might be out and about more; they can drop into (marijuana dispensaries) more often. Older people might just plan more.”

The type of marijuana that consumers are looking for doesn’t vary much with age. Bud is most popular across the board, followed by pre-rolled joints, vapor pens and edible products (such as brownies) infused with marijuana.



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