While the Marleys make marijuana deals with Babylon, Peter Tosh’s son is in a coma because of weed.

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Jawara McIntosh in a coma because of marijuana
Jawara McIntosh, the son of Peter Tosh

As it were in the days of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh that is exactly how it is today.  Today almost every child of Bob Marley is in marijuana business dealings with the most nefarious Babylonian companies.  Meanwhile the son of Peter Tosh, Jawara McIntosh, is laying in a hospital bed in coma.  It is what we can call, like fathers like sons.

In the 1970s, Bob Marley and Peter Tosh were members of the same reggae fraternity, the same Rastafari faith and they both smoked their fair share of marijuana.  Yet, it was always Peter Tosh who was being brutalized at the arm of the law.  Fast forward 40 years and it is still the same old philosophy, the darker you are the bigger your problem.  Many people will say that it is all a coincidence why both Peter Tosh and his son face such suffering while Bob Marley and his sons have basically been given the keys to both the reggae and Rasta kingdoms.

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On February 21st, 2017 Jawara who like his was, is a marijuana activist, sustained a traumatic brain injury. It happened during an attack at the hands of Kyrie Charon Baum, a fellow prisoner at the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, New Jersey, where McIntosh, 37, was serving the final six months of a one-year sentence for the possession of marijuana.

The attack that has left Jawara in a coma is not the family’s first experience with senseless violence. His father was beaten nearly to death by Jamaican police for his outspoken views on cannabis, civil rights and police brutality, so seeking justice for Jawara, and shedding light on the brutal conditions in U.S. correctional institutions, has taken on an even deeper meaning.

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So why have we seen the difference in treatment of not only Peter and Bob but also their sons?  Is it because Bob and his children have a better understanding of maneuvering in the Babylon system or is it because they are a part of the system?  That is a serious question Black people should try to answer both on the individual level and the collective level.  If Blacks can understand what is behind the treatment of the Marley’s and the treatment of the Tosh’s, then they can understand the necessary steps to better their place in the world.



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  1. Why you always bring struggle among the Bredrens??? Your questions are ridiculous. Bob stand for humanity among all…no matter wich color or background they have… This means real love for humanity. Not your racist bloodclot. Peter was great also like Bob…both did a great job for the Mankind…let dem Rest in power. Finally.

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