Millennials are buying a lot of marijuana.

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Millennials and Marijuana
Millennials and Marijuana

Some millennials are concerned over the possibility of social security running out when they retire but in the short term, the younger demographic is more concerned about products that help them to relax. In Colorado, the product of choice for relaxation is marijuana.

According to the state, millennial shoppers purchased over 217,400 pounds of marijuana in 2018, with a spike in sales over 47% during the last six months. This is the first time that Colorado is releasing such information.

“With the ubiquity of mobile devices, millennials are taking deliberate steps to occasionally disconnect, or prioritize wellness,” Colorado’s director of marijuana, Dominique Mendiola, told 18 Karat Reggae at the Open Mobile Summit on Tuesday in Burlingame, California.

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Marijuana sales to millennials should may not be surprising, given that young people are always searching for mood and stress-relieving benefits. Marijuana sales is expected to boom to a staggering $22 billion a year by 2022.

Much has already been said about the medical benefits of marijuana, with advocates contending its all-natural properties can alleviate symptoms of a wide-ranging number of ailments, including anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, schizophrenia, even cancer.

“I think we’ll continue to see millennials use of marijuana rise,” Dominique Mendiola added.

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“Millennials are the ultimate multitaskers,” explained Mendiola. “They never have to start shopping, because they never stop shopping. It’s an ‘always on’ mentality. They are accustomed to immediate gratification, so when something is on their mind, they are quick to put it into their cart. What’s happening in the world around them plays a big role in their purchase behavior.”




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