Beautiful tribute to Jamaica is the early front runner in the new festival song competition.

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The Jamaican Festival Song Competition is something Jamaicans living on the island look forward to every year. This year, however, Jamaicans living in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas will also be able to enjoy their own festival competition.

Thanks to the Jamaica International Independence Festival Song Competition (JIIFSC), Atlanta like Jamaica will be having its own festival song competition, in a party filled atmosphere celebrating Jamaica and its beautiful culture.

The festival will be on July 31, 2021 but already numerous artists have already submitted their songs for the competition. Fans can vote for their favorite song at the JIIFSC website. The top vote getting songs will make it to the finals where the winner will be selected by a panel of musical experts.

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While there are some excellent songs in the competition, the one that stands out the most so far is “Nuh Wek Like Yawd” from Atlanta’s own Ras Fraser.

Listen to all the songs and vote for your favorite here.

“Nuh Weh Like Yawd”, the infectiously danceable track brightens any day. The song transports listeners to a party that seems far away from reality but to Jamaicans and anyone who has been to the island, it is a fact that Jamaica is paradise.

Ras Fraser describes Jamaica in all its enchanting glory. Nothing is “nicer than Yawd”! From tourism to Red Stripe beer, the singer. reminds us all why Jamaica is the prime destination of choice. What better time to show off one of the world’s gems than when everyone is coming out of lockdown and longing to return to normal and have some fun.

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While we have chosen our favorite song so far, we encourage you to visit JIIFSC now and listen to all the songs then vote for your favorite.



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