How To Re-Moisten Dry Weed.

This is an issue that some growers and distributors run into, it is over dried cannabis. Many factors affect here such as; the grower left it hanging too long, or you took the plant from a moist climate to a dry climate. Doesn’t matter what factor it is probably you ended up with some weed that was too dry to handle. We have provided below the best ways to solve this issue.

Orange Peel

This is the most popular method used to re-moisten dry weed. You take the weed and put into a plastic bag or jar, and add an orange peel, let it stay for couple of days it will give you the best result. The best thing is to store it in a jar put the peel inside and bury it into the ground for 3 days. Make sure do not let it stay more than three days, because you are going to moisture it and after again you have to dry it, plus if it stays long it will grow mold. This way you would ruin the quality. Plus the orange peel would give you a nice flavor, which after you will be putting orange peels to every weed you get even if it is normal.

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This is almost the same process like the Orange peel, just here with the lettuce you have no a nice flavor. The process is Wrap the lettuce in paper towels before putting them in your container; this will keep your dry weed from sticking.

Fresh Herb

This is another method to re- moisture it by adding a freshly picked marijuana bud to your jar. This bud will spread its moisture with the dry friends. This method will add a little bit of flavor to your dry weed as well, but the flavor will not take away from the marijuana like orange peels might. As well as if you have a lot of other weed, just mix the dry weed with the rest and the issue is solved.

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Keep it Fresh

There are lots of methods to re-moisture it but the best one up to now is the Orange Peel. Take care of your weed and do not let it get dry, keep it Safe and Sane.



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