How marijuana could help Jamaica win an Olympic Gold Medal in Tokyo, the irony.

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Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce
Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce

Recently students from Oxford University conducted a study where they asked 1,500 people to associate marijuana to a country, Jamaica narrowly came out as the top country associated with marijuana followed by the Netherlands (for Amsterdam of course).

So when the top four women who were considered as front runners (no pun intended) to win 100-meter gold at the Olympics in Tokyo consisted of two Jamaicans, if someone had to guess at which country stands the highest chance of its athlete being banned for marijuana use, all smart money would say Jamaica. After all, it is the country most associated with marijuana and also has the greatest number of athletes in the group of four.

As it would turn out, one of the top four female athletes in the 100-meter running would get banned for marijuana use, however, it is not a Jamaican.  On the contrary, marijuana usage has pretty much guaranteed that a Jamaican will win the gold in the women’s 100-meter in Tokyo and that Jamaican is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce also known as “Pocket Rocket” and recently started referring to herself as “Mama Rocket”.

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Mama Rocket as the moniker implies is not only a mother but she is alse 34-years old, which is considered over the hump for most athletes today and certainly before the Tom Brady and Lebron James era. However, her chances of winning gold improved drastically when American Sha’Carri Richardson, was banned for a positive test for marijuana. If this is not ironic, then the meaning of the word in the dictionary should be changed to something else.

Of course Richardson was not the only obstacle for Jamaica winning the women’s 100-meter gold, Dina Asher-Smith, the British speedster is also considered one of the favorites to take the gold.  Likewise, Fraser-Pryce is not the only one that Jamaica is hanging its hat on, Jamaican Shericka Jackson is also a heavy favorite.

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Richardson marijuana usage and subsequent banning should not take away from the hard work, commitment and discipline of Fraser-Pryce and the other competitors. 

“Commitment is everything. Today’s failure prepares you for tomorrow’s success,” Fraser-Pryce recently tweeted. “There’s no failure in progress, so keep going and push through.”

The bottom line is, with Richardson out of the Olympics for marijuana usage, Jamaica became the undisputed favorite to win the women’s 100-meter gold in Tokyo. Of course that is all on paper, however, on July 30th, everything will start to play out.

If a Jamaican woman wins the women’s 100-meter gold, marijuana would have played a major role. Isn’t it ironic?




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