Shenseea wrongly bashes 18 Karat Reggae.

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Shenseea and lesbian girlfriend
Shenseea and lesbian girlfriend

“People literally get up and tell lies, like it’s not even funny. Who does that?” Shenseea asked her followers on Instagram, in response to the April Fools story that 18 Karat Reggae created about her being pregnant for Drake.

Shenseea can act like she was the victim of a vicious fake news story but in reality she enjoyed and sucked every last publicity mile from an article that was a mere April Fools’ Day joke without intent to hurt anyone.

Everyone who has followed 18 Karat Reggae knows that every April 1st we do an April Fools’ story. We have done stories about Vybz Kartel accepting Jesus Christ and getting baptized, Beyonce cheating on Jay Z with Melodic Yoza, Rihanna creating a marijuana brand called MaRihanna and of course this year we did Shenseea is pregnant for Drake.

When 18 Karat Reggae did the Rihanna story it got so crazy that even CNN picked it up causing to crash multiple times because it could not handle the high traffic. By 3PM the site already had 2.3 million views, however, by 6PM that day we got a cease and desist letter from Rihanna’s legal team for the article to be taken down. Even though we explained to them that it was just an April Fools’ Day joke, they were not having it and thus the article was taken down.

Beyonce’s story did not garner the traffic that Rihanna’s story garnered but her legal team also sent a cease and desist letter and that article had to be taken down also.

So Shenseea could have had her attorney send a cease and desist letter and the article would have had to be taken down.  She did not do that because she knows that Drake has over 88 million followers which is at least 84 million followers that she doesn’t have yet. That’s why she let the story run its course so some of the Drake fans who never heard of her would become aware of who she is from the story. So for her to bash 18 Karat Reggae as a “hate” site is just a little bit disingenuous.

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Everyone in the entertainment industry does things in the name of publicity just like bloggers do things in the name of clicks. Even after the April Fools’ Day story, the Shenseea story with the most views on the 18 Karat Reggae site is Shenseea shocks Reggae Community by posting intimate photos with lesbian girlfriend. Of course we made the headline juicy for people to read the story and it worked.  However, the photo in the article was published by Shenseea on her Instagram, not doctored or photoshopped by 18 Karat Reggae. So while all of a sudden the “holier than thou” attitude as if you are above having a little fun for a little more exposure? 

We have seen entertainers pull all kinds of stunts; from tricking the public into believing they tattooed their eyes, tattoo other entertainer’s names on their foreheads, half naked female deejay with another half naked female posing in bed and even staged shoplifting, all in the name of publicity.  Vybz Kartel and Alkaline played the publicity game the best and everyone else including bloggers and vloggers are trying to learn from them.

Now, here is how we know that Shenseea was enjoying the publicity from the April Fools’ Day story; the Kartel, Rihanna and Beyonce stories all went viral on April 1st, the day they were published and by April 3rd they died down as by then most people realized that they were just pranks. On the other hand, the Shensee article did not go viral on April 1st because people have caught on that on April 1st, 18 Karat Reggae is going to do something like that. 

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The entire April passed and there was no hoopla over the Shenseea and Drake story.  Then May came and went and the story still garnered no huge attention.  It was not until June that some radio personnel picked up the story that it went viral and it so happened to be the same time Shenseea decided to take a “mental break” from social media. What a coincidence?

The easiest way to put out the fire on a false story is to simply say the story is false, especially when you have such a big platform to put it out on.  Instead she waited until the day before the release of the lead single from her upcoming album to address it.  That is what you called perfectly planned and executed public relations.

The way Shenseea handled the whole situation is actually perfect, with the exception of bashing 18 Karat Reggae.  

Two artists have already contacted 18 Karat Reggae about making them a part of the next April Fool’s story.  The least Shenseea could have done is to say “Thank you”.




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