The whole Harvey Weinstein thing could not have happened to women from the hood.

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Oprah Winfrey and Harvey Weinstein
Oprah Winfrey and Harvey Weinstein

By: Tamisha Jones.

*** The following was contributed and does not necessarily represents the views of 18 Karat Reggae ***

As I listen to excerpts from the Harvey Weinstein rape trial, I had to shake my head and think how much those allegations could not have happened with women from the so-called “hood”. When I say women from the hood, I am not talking about only Black women but rather any female that grew up in what America or society on a whole consider the ghetto. It is not because women from the hood are not as attractive and sexy as Weinstein’s accusers, it is just that women from the hood are way more intelligent and have much more common sense than Weinstein’s accusers.

If a man asks a woman from the hood for a massage, especially when he is naked, she already knows where his head is. She knows immediately when he makes his request where he wants it to lead and unless she finds him attractive and don’t mind things going farther, that massage is not happening. Who falls for that? Teenage girls in the hood do not fall for such weak game much less young women in their twenties and thirties.

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From the evidence presented in court, Weinstein’s game was so weak, I am not sure it can even be considered game. However, he used that weak game to get his accusers to go to his apartment. He would not even had gotten a hood girl into the lobby. He would have to drive his ass to Brooklyn or the South Bronx and meet her by a Jamaican restaurant where they could enjoy some jerk chicken for him and oxtail for her.

Can you imagine a man raping a girl from the South Bronx last week and this week she agrees to go on a couple’s vacation to Las Vegas with him? That was not happening and if it did that would be because she has plans for her revenge. Weinstein would have been found in that Vegas hotel room with his penis cut off.

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There was also evidence that while Weinstein was outside of the United States these women would be sending him what amounts to love letters telling him how much they missed him. What? Missed being raped?

Weinstein’s accusers lack common sense and take no responsibility for their action and if these are the women that the #MeToo Movement wants to represent the movement and women on a whole then that is a shame. It is actually disgraceful.



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