Popcaan built Gaza and he wants Vybz Kartel’s fans to know that.

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Popcaan wants to make one thing clear and he wants all the Gaza fans to understand, that it was him the former prefect and not the former “world boss” who built Gaza.

The unruly one had to put some Gaza fans in their place when they attempted to disrespect him on his own Instagram live.

Popcaan started his Instagram live to chit chat with his fans and let them know what he was up. The good times did not last long; however, as Gaza fans invaded the feed and started accusing Popcaan of being a traitor and a sellout.

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At first Popcaan seemed like he could cope with heckling but it got unbearable after a while and the former prefect went into full retaliation mode without pulling any punches.

“Go suck out your mother bout sell out Gaza,” Popcaan told his trolls. “Pussy Gaza deh on sale batty man or batty gal. Shaniqua Brown go nyam out your muma. A we build Gaza bumbo hole. Which part Gaza a sell,” he continued angrily.

That did not stop the trolling as Gaza fans went from calling Popcaan a sellout to calling him an ungrateful person.

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Popcaan rebuff the ungrateful fame and attempted to let the Gaza fans know that he still honor and respect Vybz Kartel.

“Big up Vybz Kartel you hear that, a nuff youths Kartel help, so you done know we forever rate Kartel,” the unruly one concluded.

Much like Vybz Kartel was a student of Bounty Killer, Popcaan was once a student of Kartel but since the world boss’ incarceration their friendship has waned.



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