Jamaicans and biting insects.

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Biting insects
Biting insects

There is some funny math going on in Jamaica, that weird math that just doesn’t add up. The fuzzy math has to do with biting insects, where they story Jamaican men are telling just does not add up to what the women are saying.

99 percent of Jamaican men claim that although they encountered biting insects, they were never the ones doing the biting. On the other hand, 99 percent of Jamaican women claim that they have experienced biting insects and over 90 percent of the time, they were being bitten by a Jamaican man.

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Those numbers just doesn’t add up and would fail the smell test in any kind of data analysis. How can the number of Jamaican men doing the biting be so low yet the number of Jamaican women being bitten by a Jamaican man be so high. It is uncertain whether it is the men or the women, but one thing is for sure, one side is lying.

Either Jamaican men are lying about the part they play with biting insects or the Jamaican women are lying about the nationality of the men by whom they are being bitten.

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We can’t call it; you let us know who you think are lying.



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