Girl gives her father herpes and breaks up the family.

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Girl gives father herpes
Girl gives father herpes

A college student is sad and angry that her father and mother are going through a divorce but she is even angrier at herself as she is the reason for the divorce after giving her dad herpes.

According to the girl, she was a little promiscuous while in college and as a result, she contracted herpes.

“I continued to be somewhat promiscuous and a one night stand turned into me getting herpes. Awful, but the medication I take now really suppresses my symptoms and makes it very unlikely to pass it to others. Apparently not,” the girl confessed on Reddit.

While home for the Christmas holidays last year she passed on the disease to her father by accident.

“A boy I had a crush on in high school was going to be at a party I was going to. I was given somewhat late notice and only had a couple of hours to get ready. I figure who knows what’s going to happen, but I’ll give all my areas a good touch up. I realize I don’t have any razors at home so I use a disposable one of my father’s. I’m rushing and I cut myself a little. I go to the party, we don’t hook up, no big deal.”

It turned out that the girl forgot to dispose of the disposable razor that she used and her father subsequently used the same razor and contracted herpes.

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When the herpes symptoms started showing up on the father, the mother thought he was cheating on her and filed for divorce.

Some experts in the Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) field are saying that intimate intercourse is the only way to transmit herpes but the girl is confident that she gave it to her father by accident and is begging her mother to terminate the divorce.



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