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King Addies/TMM Releases BabyDall's 3rd Official Single

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18 Karat Reggae Gold 2021 : ONENESS
King Pin, King Addies/TruMoneyMusiq

Straight out of Jamaica’s sunny west coast, BabyDall hit the international scene with the release of her first official dancehall single, “Weed Alone”, in Spring 2020 with an official pre-release in California’s Irie Magazine on International Ganja Day (4/20/20). The bold lyrics and hard-hitting cadence in her debut song piqued the interest of dancehall listeners and radio influencers on the American East Coast, with very positive feedback such as: “she’s very lyrical”, “her cadence is refreshing”, and “she has her own unique sound”. Produced by emerging producer Jordan “NecoGlock” Jumpp (Westmoreland based King Addies Selector/producer), the song was also TruMoneyMusiq label’s very first release. Weed Alone made heavy rounds on major FM stations from Hot 97 and Irie Jam 93.5FM in NYC, to JAMZ 99 in Miami, to England’s The Beat London 103.6FM, to Sun City FM in Jamaica and several additional small markets worldwide.

The Westmoreland based, 19 year old singjay followed up with her second dancehall single, “Dark”, in June 2020.  Also produced by NecoGlock, the grittier nature of the lyrics and production drew major attention from sound systems around the world.

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BabyDall was also showcased on the October 2020 release of mega juggling riddim “Heart Again”, as the title track artist. The riddim garnered rotation on major FM stations all over America, Europe, South America, and various Caribbean islands. Additionally, Heart Again picked up coverage on CVM TV’s Lifestyle & Entertainment, CVM at Sunrise, The Release JA, Jamaica Observer, Jamaica Star, British Linkz, and so many more news and blog platforms across various international markets.

However, Babydall’s 3rd official single, “Keep Moving”, has been the most well received song to date. The universal anthem is all about perseverance, and is most notably her first ever “conscious” reggae song. Demonstrating another artistic dimension of her creative ability by delivering a well needed inspirational message in the music, the song was released (1/8/2021) as well needed encouragement for reggae lovers just weeks before the end of the tumultuous 4-year Trump presidency, and only a few days after the world watched the horrid insurrection unfold at the US Capitol.

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Previously a North Coast (JA) resort singer (with her uncle on guitar) on occasion, BabyDall recalls her first performance at her basic school graduation ceremony (age 5), where she sang Michael Jackson’s “We are the World”, as the moment she knew singing/performing was something she wanted to pursue.  She began seriously moving toward this goal in 2014, began recording with NecoGlock in 2017 and was signed to TruMoneyMusiq in 2020. TruMoneyMusiq record label is owned by members of King Addies management.

A multi-milestone for the camp, the song also features the production debut of KingPin—budding musician, producer and top Brooklyn based selector of legendary reggae dancehall music influencer, King Addies. And, it is also the first reggae release from the label, as all previous releases are Dancehall tracks. Get to know KingPin in this special ‘Meet the Producer’.



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