Bunny Wailer thrown out of Bob Marley Museum.

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Bunny Wailer
Bunny Wailer

The only living member of the original Wailers, Bunny Wailer, was recently thrown out of the Bob Marley museum.

The Jamaican Observer is reporting that Bunny Wailer was assaulted and thrown out of 56 Hope Road by a security guard for no apparent reason.

Bunny Wailer has been very critical about the greediness of the Marleys, especially on their deal with Marley naturals, a deal that pretty much destroyed and chance for Jamaican marijuana farmers to make any money from the oncoming marijuana economy.

Bunny Wailer also wrote a scathing open letter to the Government of Ghana where he implied that Rita Marley and Chris Blackwell were involved in the killing of Bob Marley.

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Bunny Wailer was visiting the museum with England-based attorney Simon Vumbaca, when the incident occurred.

According to the Jamaican Observer, Bunny Wailer said the following:

I never expected anything like that because I just visited the place with the brethren (Simon Vumbaca). He wanted to go. He paid the fee. I was just there with him. There were tourists there also who took pictures with me because it was the first time they were going to see me in that setting. All of this happened before this guy came up with his attitude. This guy was actually chucking me out. I am surprised. Normally I go into 56 Hope Road at will.

The security guard’s side of the story has not been released to the media as yet. Hopefully, this was some major misunderstanding and he was not instructed by the Marleys to carry out these actions.

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Hopefully this incident will allow the Marleys and Bunny Wailer to sit down and talk out their differences.



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  1. This is very unRasta, wish they could sort each other amicably rather than tarnish Bob’s Legacy

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