Shenseea is more than a hundred times better than Vybz Kartel.

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Shenseea’s reign over Bob Marley was shorter than the leprechaun. While the Lick singer’s debut album ALPHA shot to number one on the iTunes reggae chart on the day of its release, that only lasted a day, as the very next day the king of Reggae was back on top of iTunes.

Not only did Shenseea’s taking over the top spot on then iTunes Reggae chart not last, but she failed to dethrone the king on the Billboard reggae chart. While Shenseea’s debut album only sold 843 copies (243 if you minus the 500 copies bought by Romeich) in its first week, Marley more than tripled that number with 2,948 sold.

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Despite not dethroning the king or reggae, Shenseea still has a lot to celebrate as her debut album sold more than 100 times more than Vybz Kartel’s debut album sold in its first week. Whoever is old enough to remember the king of Dancehall debut album will recall that it only sold 8 copies in its first week.

They say numbers don’t lie. Vybz Kartel debut album sold 8 copies in its first week. Shenseea’s debut album sold 843 copies in its first week. 843 is more than 100 times greater than 8. The numbers say Shenseea is 100 times better than Kartel. Dispute the numbers if you want but remember NUMBERS DON’T LIE.

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