Which Reggae Artists Raped Tanya Stephens?

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Tanya Stephens
Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens has just revealed that she was raped on more than one occasion as a teenager. All rapes are serious matter but the instance that has the reggae community talking is the one which took place when the “These Streets” singer was only 17 years old.

According to Stephens, at 17, she was raped by a well known dancehall reggae entertainer. While she did not give a name of who it was, she did throw out a lot of hints that can narrow the list down to less than 5 dancehall artists.

Stevens said that at the time of the rape, Shabba Ranks was the king of Dancehall Music, Lady Patra was the queen and the rapist was considered to be the next in line to replace Shabba as the king. She further went on to say that the artist went on to convert to Christianity.

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The final clue given by Tanya Stephens is that the artist was well built and strong.

While we at 18 Karat Reggae are able to narrow down the list to about three when using all the hints given by Tanya Stephens, we will not be mentioning any artists name in any allegations, especially when the victim herself did not give a name.

There are some dancehall fans who are casting doubt on Tanya’s story because of her reluctance to give a name in this #MeToo era.

“Why is she giving all those hints but refusing to give a name?” one fan asked.

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“She must have a new song or album coming out and she is trying to use this as story as a promotion tool,” another fan interjected.

18 Karat Reggae wants to remind all our readers that rape victims deal with their ordeal differently as we have all learned, especially recently, that it is normal for a victim of rape to never report their ordeal.

While it is human nature for minds to wonder who Tanya Stephens is talking about, especially with the hints given, no one should jump to dispute her story.



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