She fell in love with a Rasta Man. John Boehner’s daughter marries Jamaican Rasta.

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Marijuana Farmer
Marijuana Farmer

The daughter of Republican speaker of the house, John Boehner, recently married a Jamaican born Rasta. What is interesting is that the speaker of the house and his new son-in-law has staunchly different stances on the legalization of marijuana.

John Boehner is strongly against the legalization of marijuana. His new son-in-law, however, is not only a supporter of legalization but is a user himself. In fact, in 2006, Boehner’s son-in-law, Dominic Lakhan was busted for marijuana possession.

Lindsay Marie Boehner, 35 and Dominic Lakhan, 38, had their wedding in Palm Beach, Florida in front of a small audience of about 60 people. The bride was walked down the aisle by her Republican father, who also looked on proudly as she said “I do”. We hope the marriage will last as long as the groom’s dreadlocks and long enough to see the worldwide legalization of marijuana.



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  1. what the shock when Boehner is a drug user like many lawmakers in office today. Now he has a son-in-law to share drugs with and get high. Please don’t tell me people don’t see Boehner high as a kite during his press-conferences.

    • I thought we had moved beyond this. Apparently not.

      Did you know that outside of your small-minded, bigoted community, your opinions are considered disgusting? You are in the minority and those who think like you will die out one day as the world becomes all one blended color. Choke on that!

      • I love all races they are beautiful and I love my race that’s why I prefer people not put an end to my race and there race by having mixed race children Marcus Garvey the forerunner of the Rastafari movement would stand in agreement with me . Rastafari is God of all human kind and they don’t all need to become one mixed race human family that is nonsense BS

        • I’m mixed race and proud to be also n if u truly believe ur not all mixed up somehow through the evolvement of time/history then ur comments are narrow minded as are u

          • Amen to that comment ! And the kicker is all humans can trace there ancestors to Africa!

    • You are using God to justify your ignorance. All humans ancestry are from Africans. There is no such thing as inter racial marriage because all have common ancestors.

  2. Fine, smoke pot. A hundred feet away from children, pets, and people who don’t want to breathe it. It’s the only drug I’d be doing against my will when other people are doing it. One of the few reasons I’m glad I live in a right wing state.

    • Paula, if you think people are walking down the sidewalks in Colorado smoking marijauna in public, you’re greatly mistaken.

  3. Why is this news? Because a white woman find him worthy of marriage. Would it have been news if he had married a black women of the same stature? When will you people get over the fact that black are still struggling to overcome the effects of being considered less than a man and all the indiginities he suffered at the hands of both white men and women historically. Of course they are slower to learn than black women. They would have to pander after white women until they can stand firmly on the ground of their being.

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